Electrolyzed-Reduced Water as Artificial Hot Spring Water

Water-electrolysis with ion-exchange membranes followed by passing through ac- tivated carbon filter conducted to produce electrolyzed-reduced water that has neutral and reductive characteristics. In addition, the electrolyzed-reduced water was also confirmed characteristic of antioxidative activity. Bathing in the electrolyzed-reduced water lowered the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) of human skin, as same as that in hot spring waters with reductive characteristic. Therefore, the electrolyzed-reduced water was expected to have a function of depressing the oxidation or aging of human skin. We concluded that the electrolyzed-reduced water is applicable to artificial hot spring water. Furthermore, we also suggested that the system have changed the oxidative characteristic of hot spring waters by addition of disinfectant such as chlorine compounds into the reductive characteristic.