The healing effect of electrolytic-reduction ion water on burn wounds

Fumiyoshi Ishii, Ken-Ichi Shimokawa, Masahiro Okajima

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PMID: 20305342


We prepared a lotion using electrolytic-reduction ion water (ERI), and evaluated the healing effects of this lotion (ERI lotion) on burn wounds. Third degree burn wounds were induced in the mouse dorsal skin, and ERI lotion or physiological salt (PS) lotion was applied to the wounds from immediately after injury [ERI (+) group and ERI (-) group as a control group, respectively]. The burn wound area was measured, and its serial changes were evaluated. In addition, histological examination of the burn wound site (on day 3) was performed. Comparison of the ERI (+) and (-) groups showed a significant reduction in the burn wound area in the former. Histological examination confirmed many interstitial spaces, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels in the subcutaneous tissue in the ERI (-) compared with the ERI (+) group. These results suggest the promotion of burn wound healing by ERI lotion.

Publish Year 2010
Country Japan
Rank Positive
Journal Bioscience Trends
Primary Topic Skin
Secondary TopicWound Healing
Model Mouse
Tertiary TopicBurn
Vehicle Water (Electrolysis)
pH Alkaline
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