Hydrogen water alleviates paraquat-induced lung fibroblast injury in vitro by enhancing Nrf2 expression

Shuhao Deng, Tao Zhang, Ting Li, Wei Lei, Wenjuan Wu, Zhaoxing Dong, Zhengkun Li

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DOI: 10.12122/j.issn.1673-4254.2020.02.15 DOI is the universal ID for this study.

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Objective: To investigate the effects of hydrogen water on proliferation, differentiation, collagen secretion and Nrf2 expression in paraquat-induced human lung fibroblasts.

Methods: In vitro cultured human lung fibroblasts (HFL1) exposed to 600 μmol/L paraquat (PQ) for 24 h were treated with hydrogen water with or without RNA interference of Nrf2 expression. The changes in the cell proliferation were examined using MTT assay, and the expressions of Col-I, Col-III, α-SMA and Nrf2 in the cells were detected using Western blotting, real-time quantitative PCR and immunofluorescence assay. The contents of SOD, CAT and GSH in the cells were determined with ELISA.

Results: Compared with the PQ-exposed cells, the cells with hydrogen water treatment showed significantly lowered expressions of Col-I, Col-III, and α-SMA. Interference of Nrf2 expression obviously attenuated the effect of hydrogen water on PQ-exposed cells. Hydrogen water treatment significantly increased the expression of Nrf2 and promoted the production of the antioxidants in PQ-exposed lung fibroblasts. Conclusions: Hydrogen water enhances Nrf2 expression to promote the proliferation and production of antioxidants and inhibit the differentiation and collagen secretion in PQ-exposed human lung fibroblasts in vitro.

Publish Year 2020
Country China
Rank Positive
Journal Journal of Southern Medical University
Primary Topic Lung
Secondary TopicEnvironmental Pollution
Model Cell Culture
Tertiary TopicPesticide Toxicity (Paraquat)
Vehicle Water (Dissolved)
pH Neutral
Application Culture Media