Effect of Reconstituted Apple Juice with Alkaline Electrolyzed Water on Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis of HT-29 Cells

Joan Fischer, Mi Jeong Kim, Y.C. Hung

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DOI: 10.38212/2224-6614.2137 DOI is the universal ID for this study.

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Apple juice, known as a good antioxidant source, may partially protect the body from oxidative stress. In this report, the effect of apple juice reconstituted with alkaline electrolyzed water (EO-apple juice) on HT-29 cells was investigated. Specifically, the total antioxidant capacity (ORAC and TEAC) of EO-apple juice, and the effects this EO-apple juice on cell proliferation (MTT assay), DNA fragmentation, and oxidative DNA damage (comet assay) of HT-29 cells were evaluated. The TEAC value of EO-apple juice was higher (2773 μM TE vs. 1739 μM TE) than apple juice reconstituted with ultra pure water (Water-apple juice). EO-apple juice also had a higher ORAC value (15446 μM TE) than that Water-apple juice (13908 μM TE). After 72 h cell incubation, HT-29 cell proliferation was more effectively reduced by the EO-apple juice than the Water-apple juice. Induction of apoptosis was determined using a DNA fragmentation method, and apoptotic cells increased in a dose-dependent manner after treatment with both reconstituted apple juices. In conclusion, EO-apple juice had a stronger antioxidant effect than water-apple juice and can inhibit HT-29 cell proliferation plus induce apoptosis.

Publish Year 2012
Country South Korea
Rank Positive
Journal Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
Primary Topic Intestine
Secondary TopicCancer
Model Cell Culture
Tertiary TopicOncogenesis
Vehicle Water (Electrolysis)
pH Alkaline
Application Irrigation
Complement Apple Juice